Welcome to my cooking adventures!

I’m Elly and can I just say I love food?! As much as I love chocolate, cheese and bacon, and even though I really don’t like vegetables, I do my best to maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle, with the gym playing a major role. I am a selt-taught cook with big passion and although every now and then things don’t go perfect and I might burn a pan(or two), most of the time everything works out at the end. On this blog, I will be sharing what I love to make in my kitchen, my all-time favorite recipes, awesome happy hours around Sin City, and of course my favorite restaurants!

But let me tell you a little more about myself :)  I moved to Vegas with my family almost 7years ago from Bulgaria. It was a big move, especially so because I didn’t speak any English- so school at first was pretty tough. Once I adapted and learned the language, Vegas became my home. I met my husband about 3years ago and we’ve been now married for a year. His name is Chris and he is the sweetest(and weirdest) man I’ve ever known! He was in the Marines for about 6years and now he is in the Army National Guard. So yes, I am a proud military wife! We don’t have any kids yet, we want to enjoy just being married and traveling, but when we are ready, I will be sooo excited! I looove kids and I know Chris will be an amazing dad. Right now, I work for an exhibit as a guide, but I’ve also done modeling for trade shows and photo shoots. I love all things sweet, but I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle through some healthy (yet delicious) recipes and working out 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to contact me @ ellyvegas1@gmail.com

All of the recipes that you will find here are either my own or from one of my favorite cookbooks, magazines or other food blogs :)

Thanks for reading,



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